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As soon as he was well on his way the woman leaned forward and asked Shorty in an earnest tone:The Juris Doctor Program can be completed online, on campus, or a hybrid of both.


Trinity Law School is a California Bar-accredited law school located in Orange County, CA, providing an exceptional legal education in the historic, Judeo- Christian tradition. We believe that a legal career is more than a profession. It is a calling to put your education and faith into action for the sake of your clients, society, and the world.

Myron Steeves, Interim Dean

Helping You Pass The Bar

"They said they were going for our breakfast," said Harry. "And I hope it's true, for I'm hungrier'n a rip-saw. But I could put off breakfast for awhile, if they'd only bring us our guns. I hope they'll be nice Springfield rifles that'll kill a man at a mile."The California Bar Exam is one of the most...

Most Devout

So far not a head appeared above the breastworks; not a shot from the embrasures in the forts.Shorty slipped his hand into his pocket, grasped his revolvers and eased them around so that he could be certain to draw them when he wanted to. He was determined that those men should not leave the train before the stopping place arranged for his fellow-soldiers. He felt confident of being able to handle the two, but did not know how many confederates might be in waiting for them.The criteria were evaluated by Trinitys Mission Statement, Core...

Center for Human Rights

"Come along, and le's draw our rations," said Si. "And you boys want to keep in mind that this's all you'll git for three days, and govern yourselves accordingly. The 'Leventh Commandment is to take all that you kin git, and take mighty good care of it after you git it"The Center for Human Rights is a research, education,...

Tuition and Aid

"I thought the 200th Injianny was so much finer rijimint than any other that you'd know it at sight," said Harry Joslyn, with a shade of disappointment in his voice.Federal financial aid is available for all Trinity students...

On Course

"Sartin,'pon honor," answered the rebel, with his mouth full of tobacco.Without making the least noise, Si reached the edge of the abatis. There a young tulip tree had been left standing, and its plentiful branches and large leaves made a thick mass of darkness. He rose upright behind, but his foot came down on a dead stick, which broke with a sharp crack. All the blood rushed to his heart. But at the same instant his head had disturbed a whip-poor-will who had taken refuge there from the noise. She flew away with a tumult of plaintive "whips." The rebel in front halted for a long time. Then he apparently concluded that an owl was after the whip-poor-will, and, reassured, came forward.The California Bar Exam is one of the most...


Trinity Law Schools diverse student body, small class sizes,...


{sjtxt}Trinity Law School Clinics provide free legal services to...

Moot Courtroom

{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Conquer Your Fear of the Courtroom We recognize that...


{sjtxt}{sjtxt}The Center for Human Rights is a research, education, and advocacy center for the promotion and protection of international human rights. It is the Centers mission to defend the Christian basis for human rights and make justice the prevailing condition in our world through research and educational facilities, classroom instruction, career development, and opportunities for participation in lectures, conferences, and seminars. Along with several human rights courses at Trinity Law School in Santa Ana, the Center sponsors international courses in Europe and Cambodia.